miercuri, 8 iunie 2016

after that after

nu mai stiu cuvinte, nu mai stiu nimic.

vineri, 14 noiembrie 2014

i havent said enough

m-am gandit sa nu mai scriu despre sclavi si...personaje ciudate din tari atotiernatice (oare exista cuvantul asta?) 
cineva mi-a spus,odata, ca ar trebui sa fiu un om mai bun,evident nu sunt.dar nu pentru ca nu as vrea neaparat, ci pentru ca bunatatea e bullshit...ca batranetea si blaturile alea pentru placinta,deja facute. adica , faci o prajitura pentru ca vrei sa o faci...nu pt ca vrei sa o faci pe jumatate. 
oricum si asta e bullshit,pentru ca nu e ceva cu caracter general, deci ce nu explica tot,nu explica nimic de fapt.
acum,o sa va spun o super poveste...care,ofc ofc,nu implica sclavi,sau paunite sau...oameni care omoara bebelusi (sper)...

se numeste Merla
Merla era o pustoaica de 182 de ani,super sexy si cu silicoane si cu tipicul tatuaj (era un must have)pe tzatza stanga,cu inima aia taiata de o sageata tragica si o panglica in stilul "miss univers"pe care scria "bad and sexy"un fel de sexy si rea varianta americanizata, pentru ca america se vinde bine. 
visul ei era sa il cunoasca pe cel de-al 17-lea tata al celui de-al 17-lea copil al ei.
cu mult timp in urma fusese abuzata sexual...deci neah,nu-si mai amintea fata agresorului pe care in mod nevoit il lase sa-i patrunda in....nu stiu,marea gaura neagra...
ma rog, mergea in jaguarul ei roz,decapotabil pe o strada pustie,calduroasa,semi desertica dar fara gropi si asfaltata calumea...si il cauta ea pe Gorgon si nu Gordon...ci Gorgon...ca gorgonzola aka branza puturoasa :)))....
in fine,dupa 7 zile l-a gasit...
mort de peste 70 de ani si ingropat,putrezit,mancat de vietatile undergroundului si...descompus...adio gorgon.
Merla si-a vazut de drum si...pe drum s-a casatorit iarasi
acum asteapta un copil,se pare ca e jumate robot....hopaaa

joi, 16 octombrie 2014

azi mi-am cumparat un sclav

azi mi-am cumparat un sclav si l-am pus sa-mi maseze degetul mic de la piciorul stang.dar n-a reusit,caci degetul mic era prea mic si a fugit.
dupa,l-am pus sa manance pentru mine,dar tot n-a mers...caci, inca imi era foame si stomacul...a fugit.
dupa,l-am pus sa detoneze ss tiptonul,dar nici acum n-a facut nimic,caci...era un vapor fictiv..asa ca,mi-a fugit imaginatia.
cand au fugit toate,am fugit si eu dupa ele . dar am obosit pe drum,asa ca am trimis sclavul sa alerge in locul meu. n-a recuperat nimic,ca le avea pe toate.

duminică, 8 iunie 2014


This is an African legend

it’s a love story

and it’s about two people

they were, they were very much in love

from different tribes

and they’re , they were going to be sacrificed

and after they died, God made them into elephants

because Africans believe that elephants are immortal

and then he put, he made the elephants body the system

is just the female in the word it symbolizes,

you know, the freedom of love

and love of flower tell them that the

abstract beautiful

that you can see whatever you want to see

but before the hunters they used to ,

to take the elephants youthfully

and , he, he, he put the symbol on them

so that everybody will know that they are hope and this is the story and...

marți, 25 martie 2014



luni, 10 februarie 2014

connie the ...peahen

connie was a peahen.
she was running down the hills of freedom,thinking  how beautiful  the life she had been living was,with her marvelous fresh-coloured tail pumpin' joy and happiness wherever she went.
rainbows flew behind her (can rainbows fly?) and squirrels were reproducing themselves more often and more passionately,at the seeing of connie...
FLABBERGASTING! connie was god and everyone prayed at her feet,thinking about the miracle..."would there have been a world,without connie's power to share joy and love everywhere?" of course not.
but connie was kinda' sad...because there were no more peacocks but her :(...how could connie be happy,if happiness is such an abstract concept,that in the most of the situations implies not being alone?
she wanted someone like her,green and slim,with coloured,golden,precious and royal feathers in his butt...
lions were happy,tigers were happy even billy the worm was happy with his wife lilly the worm(ess).
but what about our connie?
while dreaming she had this vision...where the flying spaghetti monster told her : "i am the real god who created everything,who must be worshiped and loved,over-adored and never,but never with a questioned existence or power,because....i can be a god and a food at the same time...muahahaha"
"i can be a roast "-said connie
and they argued and argued...until the pastafarian told her " i will give you that missing thing in your chicken heart...if you will run away from civilization (?)...and stop with all this happiness and joy parade,i am THE GOD! and i'm too lazy to care,so leave,connie,leave...and take what you want the most...love"

and,in that moment the flying spaghetti monster created a peacock for connie. when she woke up,the peacock was actually there. "omfg omfg,the pastafarian really exists...and he has unimaginable powers..."
the peacock was handsome :> :> and...she was about to leave on this island of peacocks with him...when a hunter shot them both and eat them as toasted peacocks...but,they died together,being the first victims who announced the birth of something terrifyingly evil and stupid...MAN.

duminică, 9 februarie 2014


once upon a time ,in northen europe,there was a girl,an overpaied killer.
she's been killing people since she was 12,and her favourite gun was a bazooka,hard to get,hard to carry,noisy and big,it was perfect to set the world on fire!
her name was George, but she was funny.
one winter,wait,in the imaginary land where the action takes place,winter is the only season,anyway,one day,more accurately she killed this man,a homosexual man,in fact...some believe that he was actually the secret lover of the baron St Bubblesteinhornyman,but there was no evidence, except for the letter that the baron sent to George, asking her to kill the man, but why? because of the shame,because of the feelings...no one knows.
i kinda' like this word...
aloof from reality or space,she became sort of...bored with this cold life she was living. she had a new dream: to travel to the warm lands and eat many many ice-creams...of course,with her faithful assistent Caponino and her two dogs rexie and rexie 2.
but this could have happened only after finishing her more important mission: killing Knibe! the evil and too beautiful,perfect,white-teeth,blue eyes,perfect weight lady of the flowers (everything is with "too" when it comes to her) . and when i say flowers i mean poisonous mushrooms and fruits that wash your brain and take away your spirit...
i think she was a witch,because she had this power to conquer...hearts,thing that never happened to our northen girl.

absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.or on our way to the stone castle,Knibe's house.

-krocolicious,krocolicious in my nose,who's the most poisonous rose?
-it's you,my lady,Knibe of the seven seas. the strongest of the titans,the prettiest of the goddesses and the witchest of the witches.
 a perfect day in knibe's house,stone-bones everytwhere street,number 59.

but,what Knibe never knew was that George and her army (?) were arriving...and by army i mean caponino and the dogs.
Ah,by the way,Knibe lived on an islad,so it was a long journey that implied stealing a ship,kidnapping a ship driver and eating some fish.

Once on the island,Knibe's snakes and swampy creatures tried to attack George and co,but in that moment her dogs (rexie and rexie 2) evolved like pokemons in their new forms : super-dogs and destroyed the creatures and stuff (boom boom,aaaaa,tranck panck uiuiuiuiuhuhui....pam pam)-that's the fight

Face to face with the queen of the broken souls and hearts the fight began and it took years and years and snow and sun and...some breaks to eat and have some pina collada...but it was a tough fight...and George was almost dying...i've never thought Knibe's powers were so powerful...but,George understood,with Caponino's help...this little assistent used to be a crazy scholar and have a crystal meth lab,somewhere in the Kalahary desert,that the powers came from the krocolicious .

actually a powerful drug that makes you have some strange powers and all the shit,but there is a price for everything...and Knibe had to pay with her own soul,lost somewhere in the dark. That was the drug effect and those were the consequences,she had no soul...but deep deep,in that darkness and emptiness,there was a good soul? I think we'll never find out,I don't even know it myself and i'm the writer...so...we can only suppose.

The best part was that Caponino had invented the drug and she knew how to work it out...she used the antidote,if i can call it this way,because it was just...sugar,so it wasn't like an antidote,it was more like " i need some sugar from time to time because of my diabethis".
With the dogs help,Caponino gave Knibe the sugar,actually she injected the sugar in Knibe's butt when she was looking herself in the mirror thinking that no one could stop her never ever,George being lying like a lazy worm on the cold ground...
After having the sugar injected in her body,surprisingly she started to...melt....like wet paper...she didnt die,of course...but she was reborn,now,there was no Knibe  anymore,just a beautiful child,newborn,with blue eyes,big and deep eyes,like the ocean,whose heart hides the terrifying secrets of being different and having everything and everyone at your feet,but losing yourself.

George strangled the child with  her own intestins and then she threw the little body in the ocean,where it is hunting and hunting everything that still has a soul

Everyone lived happily ever after.

duminică, 22 decembrie 2013

oblivion 13

Partea 1 -Monologuri interioare
-Cand ultimul pelican a ales sa inghita pestele galactic,Pamantul a devenit o stea rosie,pe un cer verde.
-Da? De unde stia el...ca pestele e cel galactic?
-Gustul pestilor nu e mereu acelasi,Oblivion...
-Hmmm...si totusi,ideea de univers,se materializeaza doar prin gust?
-E ca o inghetata...daca e cu lamaie,e buna,pentru ca mie imi place doar inghetata cu lamaie...daca e cu orice altceva nu mai e inghetata cu lamaie,care imi place
-Si pelicanul? Ce s-a ales de el?
-Nu stiu,dar in momentul in care lumea a fost absorbita in marea gura de canalizare,a inceput totul...
Ceea ce ei insa nu stiau,era ca...pestii galactici niciodata nu mor.

Partea 2-Conturarea.Caderea lui Oblivion
Cand zeii au ales sa coboare pe pamanturile muritorilor,nu a fost din simpla dorinta de a cerceta ceva ce era mai mic decat  pantofii de bowling ai lui Odin...au facut-o dintr-un motiv destul de banal : materializarea. Caci placerile trupesti le puteau simti doar oameni fiind,astfel ca,galaxia ajunsese deja...o bodega infecta,unde pana si zeii se scaldau in propriile vicii.
Vodka nu e a rusilor,vodka e noastra! Ziceau scandinavii fara remuscare...cand cainii ce le trageau saniile printre sufletele celor fara pace se infruptau din ultima caprioara,de la care a inceput si s-a sfarsit totul.
-Ultima biserica ne-a atins pamanturile,stapane Oblivion,ultima...ce vom face acum?caci anihilarea e aproape...
Nihilul vine odata cu pestele galactic,care era atat de aproape.
Cand cei ce au ales sa arda cea dintai virgina pe rug,au ales sa anihileze tot. Erau tot ei. Ei,cei care se infruptasera din sangele vampirilor,ei cei ce jucau ping-pong cu luna,doar pentru se simti "luminati".
-Imi pare rau,stapane Oblivion,noi suntem cei ce l-au tradat pe Odin,inca de pe vremea in care Brunhilde era regina Islandei,noi suntem cei ce te vom trada si pe tine.
Pestele galactic? Oare el era de vina pentru caderea lui Oblivion? Pentru dorinta zeilor de a fi oameni? Hmmm,oare cine stie?

Partea 3-Oglinda pestelui
-Daca pestele e galactic...si oglinda e la fel? Pestii se uita in oglinda? Ce vad,ce vad?

Partea 4-Dialogul galactic. Cand pestele a intalnit fecioara.
Foloseste cuvintele potrivite pentru a descrie zoofilia. Dar nu era nici macar vorba de asa ceva. 
-De ceeeee ai ales sa te arunci in prapastia asta,al carei fund e alb-negru? Tie iti placeau atat de mult culorile.
-Ca sa pot hiberna.
-De ce sa hibernezi,ultimul urs a disparut acum 5000 de ani,pe cand soarele inca mai zambea si zapada era alba.Dar tu? de ce o faci?
-Pentru ca eu nu sunt nemuritoare ca si tine.
Lumea se spulbera usor,adesea cu cuvinte. Of of,mare peste...adesea doar o crocheta mai ramane din inima ta.
-O sa te blestem pentru asta! O sa te exilez in uitare pe vecie. Doar in momentul in care o sa auzi cantecul de leagan al lupilor,vei putea iesi.
Skadi,unde ai plecat odata cu puterea? Ai renascut ca un copil divin si acum,uita'te la tine. Esti in exil.
Lupii nu au mai cantat de ani lumina,cantecul exilului...a ramas doar un mit. Mitul celei dintai fecioare.

Partea 6-De cinci ori cate cinci
Cinismul,ca si cibernetica au aparut in Japonia.
-Urasc numarul cinci,urasc numarul cinci.Partea a 5-a nu a existat niciodata,niciodata.Obisnuia sa crizeze ca intotdeauna,Jade,cea cu inima de jad. 
-Poate ar trebui sa te reapuci de fumat,te-ai imbolnavit de la atata uitare...si i-ai luat si pe restul cu tine.
-Tu? tu cum de nu esti absorbit de boala mea? tu...tu de ce esti atat sanatos? Demonii mei nu au ajuns la tine?
-E din cauza mancarii de la fast-food. Mi-a modificat si sufletul...caci genetic,o facuse de la primul cartof.
-Hmmm,esti slab,esti slab.
-Jade,trezeste-te! trezeste-te!Te-ai inecat cu ultima crocheta de peste.

*to be continued,i suppose*

joi, 28 noiembrie 2013

albsatru si pentru totdeauna

hmmm,odata,candva,demult...oricum,cineva ma intreba "o recunosti? o recunosti"...
hmmm,poate...nu stiu exact cine trebuia sa fie recunoscut,dar avea imaginea familiara,trista si fericita in acelasi timp,uitata si amintita,noua,veche...albastra.
cred ca pe atunci nu stiam sa o definesc exact...dar acum asa as spune "e ...albastra"
timpul a trecut relativ repede de atunci. poza,caci despre o poza este vorba,nici nu cred ca mai exista. dar,mi'a inundat creierul,aparent linistit (in acele ciudate vremuri) de intrebari,poate si regrete.
hmmm,acum e trist,nu? acum am uitat tot. am uitat ce a fost,cum a fost. acum zambesc zidurilor,pentru ca spre deosebire de voi toti,ele imi zambesc...si ma privesc si ciudat e ca,nu vad prin mine...ca restul.
mda,ce dubios e totul,ce incetosat e totul. cand ai disparut...si de ce? acum,aproape ca nu o mai recunosc. desi e acolo zilnic si mereu. dar mereu altfel...si mereu mai departe.
te urasc,te urasc,te urasc. sunt pierduta printre stiluri si functii,functii de timp si de soare,de oameni,de uitare.
aud cuvinte absurde,invatate pe de rost,cuvinte absente...aud o poezie...plata,o poezie din fier,blocata in timp si spatiu.
ultima data cand totul a fost prezent a curs lapte din cer...si era roz si albastru si plin. a fost ciudat. inca mai astept profunzimea momentului...caci parca,laptele alege sa se nasca iar si iar si iar,infirmand toti dumnezeii,pururi inexistenti.

duminică, 24 noiembrie 2013

4000 light-years

I  smile to the walls because they smile me back.