luni, 10 februarie 2014

connie the ...peahen

connie was a peahen.
she was running down the hills of freedom,thinking  how beautiful  the life she had been living was,with her marvelous fresh-coloured tail pumpin' joy and happiness wherever she went.
rainbows flew behind her (can rainbows fly?) and squirrels were reproducing themselves more often and more passionately,at the seeing of connie...
FLABBERGASTING! connie was god and everyone prayed at her feet,thinking about the miracle..."would there have been a world,without connie's power to share joy and love everywhere?" of course not.
but connie was kinda' sad...because there were no more peacocks but her :( could connie be happy,if happiness is such an abstract concept,that in the most of the situations implies not being alone?
she wanted someone like her,green and slim,with coloured,golden,precious and royal feathers in his butt...
lions were happy,tigers were happy even billy the worm was happy with his wife lilly the worm(ess).
but what about our connie?
while dreaming she had this vision...where the flying spaghetti monster told her : "i am the real god who created everything,who must be worshiped and loved,over-adored and never,but never with a questioned existence or power,because....i can be a god and a food at the same time...muahahaha"
"i can be a roast "-said connie
and they argued and argued...until the pastafarian told her " i will give you that missing thing in your chicken heart...if you will run away from civilization (?)...and stop with all this happiness and joy parade,i am THE GOD! and i'm too lazy to care,so leave,connie,leave...and take what you want the"

and,in that moment the flying spaghetti monster created a peacock for connie. when she woke up,the peacock was actually there. "omfg omfg,the pastafarian really exists...and he has unimaginable powers..."
the peacock was handsome :> :> and...she was about to leave on this island of peacocks with him...when a hunter shot them both and eat them as toasted peacocks...but,they died together,being the first victims who announced the birth of something terrifyingly evil and stupid...MAN.

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