sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011


   It was a cloudy day of July. An unusual one,actually.The people were trying to hide their faces inside their little houses.No one was thinking,basically,they were just waiting. What?-Even today it's unknown.
  The sun couldn't be seen. The clouds were so gray,but so beautiful. It seemed like the only mission they had was to cover the sky.
  In her head was dispersing a 'stupid song',as she used to call it.'Tell me I'm frozen,what can I do?...'just lyrics. Lyrics that were haunting her thoughts.It was just another time that was passing by. Nothing left,nothing owned,nothing ever had.
   It started to rain. Such a mysterious rain. It was pure poison. All the people that were living in that city,have always hated the rain. But,she liked it. The only thing that was inspiring her.And, as always, she was standing in front of the window,watching the rain pouring. Suddenly a sound captivated her attention.The front door had been opened.It wasn't the storm and her parents were not at home. Fear. I don't know if it was fear. But...this was the only feeling that had crossed her mind,in that moment.She tried to go downstairs...but her legs were numb.It was so strange,it could be whatever,but that feeling...like someone had just stubbed her in the heart. She was frozen and she couldn't explain herself why. 
   Who or what was the 'thing' that opened the door and why was the whole home full of that negative feeling? And it kept raining more and more violently. A flash of light could be noticed in the sky and then a thunder...in the next moment there was no light in the house. She felt a weird presence. Still couldn't move and...warmly she felt a breathing over her neck.
"Hello,my little Sophia"...

To be continued...

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And the part 2?

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Somewhere,where we can find Alice and the Wonderland.